Virtual Service Coach

What is a Virtual Service Coach?


Virtual Service Coach Overview The newest offering from JDC is designed for dealerships with up to fifteen technicians who may or may not have a full time Service Manager or larger dealerships who simply want to improve performance while educating service leadership on the business of service.  

Virtual Service Coach (VSC) is led by Jack Duncan. This program offers dealerships the ability to have a Service Manager with over 40 years of successful leadership and management experience at an affordable price. 

Training and developing the current Service Department staff is a major component of this program, focusing again on the principals of REACH while staying in contact with ownership to review progress. 

Using  BEI’s Acuity program, the VSC as well as ownership now have the tools needed to monitor the achievements of both the Field Service Manager(s) and their assigned Technicians. 

Acuity provides a precise and convenient way to visually inspect what you expect out of your service organization while easily monitoring the success of the program. 

VSC begins with a three-day visit on site to review current policies and procedures as well as current statistics from BEI and the dealer’s ERP system. 

Meetings begin with ownership, current service management and finally service technicians. BEI’s Technician Assessment Program is setup for each technician establishing expectations for each as well as 90 day goals. 

At the end of each meeting (Coaching Session) with a technician, the expectations and goals for the next 90 days will be exported from BEI to be signed by the individual technicians for HR compliance. 

An action Plan is developed for the leadership team along with expected results for the next 90 days and then reviewed with owners prior to implementation. Ride days, on-site audits, AM/PM checks etc. will be outlined and expectations for field service management set. 

At thirty and sixty days a number of webinar sessions will be held (up to 4 hours monthly) with service management as well as with each service technician in the BEI Tech Assessment program to review progress as well as make any suggestions for continued improvement. 

Coaching will be done with VSC and dealers Champion until the dealer’s Champion is ready to take over.  Service territories can be reviewed and if needed will be completely be redone using BEI’s Effective Workload Distribution product and then Car Stocks will be developed for technicians using the Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) program. Each technician will be required to have a face to face meeting with VSM during the onsite visit to review their current performance metrics, set expectations and goals. The dealer Champion will be involved with each discussion to ensure the REACH Leadership program is taught and followed. At the end of ninety days another on-site visit will be made by the VSC to review current expectations and goals.  Coaching sessions will be held with each technician and manager to discuss progress and set new goals. 

Additionally, meetings will be held with owners to review overall development and any recommendations for the following quarter. VSC will be available via phone, email or webinar sessions as needed for questions and advice.  

Do we have to be a BEI Customer?

 In a word, no - HOWEVER, it has been proven that the program is much more successful when you do have access to BEI's Technician Assessment and Acuity programs.