What is REACH?


Developed by Wes McArtor of BEI Services, REACH is simply an acronym defining a set of principals to be used for managing a team of service technicians

o RESPECT the management team as they are the building blocks that make the organization successful

o EXPECTATIONS for managers to help their team reach their fullest potential

o ACCOUNTABILITY means using the information gathered to evaluate the ability of individual managers to guide and motivate their team to success recognizing strengths as well as weaknesses to meet proper performance standards

o COACHING sessions are the key to successfully implementing the steps necessary to move the organization forward in terms of performance, customer satisfaction and profitability

o HUMILITY is a skill needed to guide leaders to master the skills needed to help others succeed and prosper  


Profitability for a service department in this industry begins at the machine level and is directly affected by the field service technician taking care of the equipment. While marketplace pressures often impact the revenue, it is the responsibility of the service department to control the cost aspect.   Each technician is by nature, operating a small business inside the service department. It is the job of field service management to develop each technician to reach their maximum potential in terms of productivity and profitability. Utilizing the principals of REACH along with Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) such as Accountable Time Per day, First Call Effectiveness, Mean Copies Between Visits along with other factors, management and supervision will be able to identify areas of strength and weaknesses for each service technician. Using these metrics and comparing them to National Standards to identify areas for potential improvement, regular coaching sessions can be developed and monitored.   Manager or Business Coach? In actuality, to be an effective Field Service Manager or Supervisor, we need them to be both Manager AND Coach. Often times a company’s “Best Technician” is promoted into these positions with no prior experience or training in these areas. REACH has been specifically developed to bridge the gap between great technicians and service management. We should also recognize that it can be difficult managing a group of mobile employees as you do not see them when they are performing their jobs. As a result, certain audits must be performed to insure that we are not just looking at data to make judgements on performance.    Do you know who your best Service Technician is? Are you sure? Is your playing field fair and level? Which one of them are really excelling in their performance and can be coached into greatness and which could possibly be the “Right Person, Wrong Job?” Remember, not every technician will be a Superstar, but the number of technicians you need to maintain your population is directly dependent on your requirements for Response Time and First Call Effectiveness. Obviously this will have a direct impact on profitability.   In years of working with many dealerships in this industry, we have seen far too many field level managers who simply shuffle calls between techs and ran the calls that no one else seemed to be able to fix, while the real responsibility of these individuals is to develop each technician to their fullest potential, thereby increasing overall profitability and customer satisfaction, being proactive and not reactive.