REACH Level 2

Who should attend Level 2?

REACH Level 2 is designed specifically for those with Departmental Responsibility up to and including P&L.

Essentially The Business of Service For a Profit

Course Content

Content includes:
What Critical Success Factors impact the business most, how and where to get them o Includes proper setup of the ERP system to gather meaningful, accurate data  

  • Profitability is obviously a major factor in business today and impacting profitability is often like Turning the Titanic. Topics covered will include:
  • P&L 101 – the basics of understanding P&L
  • Building effective maintenance agreement pricing
  • Insuring contracts have proper escalation terms
  • Excess supply consumption & consequences
  • Contract Profitability · Analyzing non-profitable contracts
  • Developing action plans
  • Determining the proper level of manpower needed · BEFORE adding manpower:
  • Monitor current levels of Accountable Time and First Call Effectiveness
  • Creating and implementing Career Paths for subordinate managers and technicians
  • Performance Appraisals for Managers
  • Harvesting data to determine poor performing models as well as individual machines 
  • Data analysis to determine which models or machines will provide the biggest impact when brought to National Standards of performance